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7 Great Green Gifts for Your Guy

By now you’ve probably checked our Holiday Gift Guide (and if you haven’t, you should!) with over 150 wonderful eco-friendly gift ideas for all the different types of people on your gift list, but I know that my husband is really hard to shop for (yours, too?), so I put together this list for our guys.

If your husband, father, brother, son, nephew, boss, etc., is into grooming, the environment, the outdoors, or all of the above, you’ll be sure to find something for him here:

1) Working Man’s Hygiene Kit This all-natural collection of men’s grooming products is designed in a very manly, no-nonsense, brown-and-black paper bag. Complete with every cream imaginable to help your hard-working man soften up, including Knuckle Wax, Hand Repair and Xtreme Lip Balm. You’ll both love the results.

2) Recycled Bike Tread Belts For the man in your life who knows the difference between a hybrid bike tire and road bike tire, these recycled tire belts will not only keep your guy’s pants in place, but will give him an edgy look that will make him want to be seen out on the town—with you, of course. The buckle: made of an actual bike chain. So cool.

3) Autocare Cleaning Set For the guy who takes as good care of his car as he does himself (and his family, no doubt), this all-natural car kit is a collection of cleaners that do not emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are free of synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, alcohols and dyes. All products can be used on your home, as well, just so you both know.

4) Herben Man’s Shaving Kit I’d buy this kit just for the cute name. But there’s more to this gift than a clever moniker. For starters, the shaving soap is made with organic essential oils, the brush is made of vegan bristles and a wooden handle, and it all comes in recycled packaging. (This is yet another gift that you both can benefit from.)

5) Solar iPad Charger and Case For the man who has places to go and people to keep in touch with, but who wants to reduce his carbon footprint, this Solar iPad Charger can work with either the sun or electricity. Perfect for a camping trip, long car ride or any type of travel.

6) Organic Cotton Terry Cloth Bathrobe This 100% Organic Combed Cotton robe is super soft, plush and comfortable. What man being embraced by this luxuriously beautiful terry cloth robe could resist embracing the gift giver?

7) 9 Male Grooming Treats For men who are nice, and a little naughty, this list of organic grooming products from, made specifically for dudes, includes eye gel, aftershave, body mist and shampoo. Buy as stocking stuffers or all together for a great gift basket for guys who want to live green and look good.


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