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AODK Designs The Future

Building a new home takes a fair amount of planning and consideration to bring everything together. What goes into renovating a home, instead of a total new build, can be twice as extensive-considering the designers are tasked with combining both the old and new structures. In the case of the Rocky River Green Home, the amount of structural consideration and interior planning was unlike anything that has been done in the area before. Reclaiming and renovating parts of an old house while constructing new additions and keeping the whole project completely green is quite an adventure and quite the journey.

The Rocky River Green Home has become a journey for all of us and we understand that a journey cannot be completed without a proper map. For the RRGH, there is no better guide than the Lakewood-based design firm AODK Inc. Established in 1999 by Ohio State University architectural grad David Krebs, AODK has been committed to bringing their client’s dreams and vision to life through the firm’s expertise within the industry, their extensive and efficient research along with years of collective knowledge and experience. While AODK has handled nearly 50 commercial, religious and industrial projects, the firm might be best known for their stunning residential designs. Their fully-accredited LEED staff have a reputation for designing breath-taking, green homes in the Northeast Ohio area, which is why AODK was chosen to design the exterior and interior structures of the RRGH.

AODK has Owner David Krebs and designer John Swidrak have spearheaded the RRGH project from the beginning. Working closely with homeowners Beverly and David, along with the building team from Krill, Krebs and Swidrak have put together a stunning layout both inside and outside. For John Swidrak, the RRGH isn’t just a typical, residential build; it’s an inspiration.

“We’re extremely excited to be apart of this project. As brand new homes become more energy efficient this is great to have a home renovation of this magnitude taking into consideration and making the efforts to become as efficient, if not more, than a new home.”

Swidrak continues, “The project is not only a complete make-over of the exterior character of the house but the floor plan takes into consideration the passive design solutions relating to the sun path and wind patterns, and how that affects the layout and function of the house. Inside and out, this will be an amazing renovation to be apart of.”


AODK’s design team have been putting dreams to paper for over 10 years, creating a visual look into the future of their clients with precision and perfection. For the Rocky River Green Home, AODK has provided us with the maps needed to complete this amazing journey.

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