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ASKO Dishwasher to Reduce Environmental Footprint in RRGH

When it came to appliances, Bev Maloney-Fischback knew that it was important to choose ASKO for its commitment to energy conservation. The Rocky River Green Home will feature an Energy-Star certified ASKO dishwater. The D5894XXL ASKO dishwasher, (the model featured in the Fischbacks home) has earned the “Energy-Star” certification, one of the most distinguished symbols backed by the government and EPA, established with the intention of lowering greenhouse gas emissions and showcasing energy efficient products to consumers.

 The ASKO dishwasher model that will be in the RRGH has the lowest annual energy usage amongst all of the standard size dishwashers listed on Energy Star’s Dishwasher product list. Coming in with an average annual energy usage of only 171 kWh/year, this dishwasher is 52 percent better than the federal standard of 355 kWh/year.  The Fischbacks chose ASKO when it came to the dishwasher for the RRGH because of their continued commitment to the environment. ASKO dishwashers in general have very low energy and detergent consumption, ISO 14001 certification and are dependable, beautiful appliances. ASKO is continuously working to find the most environmentally friendly solutions and economical use of resources in the manufacturing of their products.

The XXL series that will be featured in the Rocky River Green Home is the world’s largest and tallest tank series and has the largest loading capacity on the market. The dishwashers are eco-friendly in that they can be connected to either cold or hot water, by using hot water you saves as much as 30 minutes in time and up to 50 percent of the electrical energy consumption. By choosing this ASKO Energy-Star certified appliance, homeowners can save up to 5000 gallons of water and 230 hours annually-a huge savings!

ASKO dishwashers combine function, style, logic and performance in order to provide consumers with a product that will withstand the test of time and lower environmental impact, all with a touch of elegant style- a perfect choice for the Rocky River Green Home.