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Behind the Scenes for the Organic Spa Magazine Fall Issue

Everyone knows how beautiful Organic Spa Magazine is on the newsstands. What most people don’t understand is what a great deal of effort goes into creating something that looks effortless. Yesterday we shot five models for the upcoming Fall fashion and beauty issue. Just wanted to share with you yesterday’s behind the scene footage .

The beauty story was inspired by the simplicity of nature. Each season in nature usually has colors that are prominent . The hair stylist and myself thought we would challenge ourselves and use the same products on all our models. The models had completely differently skin tones, and features. As the makeup artist I chose to use greens, browns and corals as my color pallet. It’s amazing how each girl looked completely different even though I used the exact same products. Marque, the hair stylist, chose to use products that made the hair light, shiny and breezy; very reminiscent of fall. Here are some of the products that made the cut.


1- John Masters Sea Mist Sea Salt with Lavender
2-  Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Tamanu Strengthen & Grow Moisturizing Gel
3-  Intelligent Nutrients Hair Shine-
4- Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer
5-Mineral Fusion Face Primer
6-Gabriel Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Moca
7- ZuZu Luxe Eyeliner in Iguana
8- ZuZu Luxe Blush in Sunset
9- ZuZu Luxe Eye Shadow in Casino
10-Gabriel Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Bisque
11- Gabriel mascara in Black


Check out our fashion stylist Lisa as she prepares our model Devan


Marque doing Laetitia’s hair

Our Models Hillary and Laetitia

Our Models Hillary and Laetitia

Gabrielle and Marque

Gabrielle and Marque

Don’t forget to pick up the September issue of Organic Spa Magazine when it comes out to see how this amazing experience turned out. I will also reveal all of the tips,  tricks and products we used for each model in my blog post in September. ‘Til next time.

Love and Lipstick

Karim Orange is a nationally known natural cosmetics expert, celebrity personal care products artist and two-time Emmy Award nominee whose work graces the faces of countless stars in television, music, movies and the theater. If you have specific questions about nontoxic beauty products and routines that you would like to see answered in this column, please email me at If you would like me to green your beauty routine please visit


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