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3 Health and Fitness Resolutions Everyone Should Make

A few of my favorite, most holistic experts offer their stress-taming recipes for the healthiest, fittest season and beyond. In no particular order, my top three New Year’s resolutions are to:

1.  Rehydrate my party-animal epidermis
As the weather changes, so does my skin, and so must my skincare products to best treat the damage. I always choose new, stronger oil-based products to deeply rehydrate my face and body. I use antioxidant-rich products to keep my skin looking bright, refreshed and glowing. Evenly Radiant Brightening Serum, derm-e Skin Lighten Natural Fade and Age Spot Crème are herbal treatments containing ingredients shown to lighten the complexion, fade age and liver spots, and even out my skin tone.

2. Eat more heart-healthy grains and supplements
In short, I’ll aim for a diet low in sugar and other inflammatory foods this year, and maximize my intake of ingredients that are super high in healthy fats, lean proteins, antioxidants and vitamins. In The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook, Naturopathic Doctor, Deirdre Rawlings, PhD, and her co-authors lay out a detailed meal plan that will prevent and reverse heart disease, target key factors like inflammation and cholesterol, and provide key nutrients I’m missing in my diet now. I liked this book.

3. Take my workouts to the pool to cushion my joints
Nancy Byrd Radding, fitness director of The Oaks at Ojai, says, “Water workouts are great because the weightless environment makes the moves accessible to all levels. The water is gentle on your joints, making it an incredible environment for rehabbing injured areas. For actual lap swimmers, swimming a variety of strokes at a cardio pace rolls fat-burning and toning workouts into one.”

The Oaks’ pool schedule includes classes like Aqua Night Stretch, and a new class, Aqua “Ai Chi,” which is a gentle offshoot of Tai Chi adapted to water.

What is your new health resolution this year?


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