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Eco-friendly Fashion Inspired by Yoga

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to green my wardrobe and it seems that most sustainable fabrics such as bamboo or organic cotton can be found in yoga clothes. I’m not surprised

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The Seven Outposts of Slow Beauty

  Outposts are places, spaces and experiences that help you make the transition from fast beauty (quick fixes, anti-aging, and disease) to Slow Beauty (health, wellness, and joy), a celebration of your sacred life. Self-Expression Neoteny is

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Get a Love Detox in Time for Valentine’s Day!

What is a love detox? Be happy you are not exactly sure! This could mean one of two things, to me: 1) You deserve a solo spa day because you are (for whatever reason) all

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Valentine’s Day Southern California, Style

Yes, California is for lovers… If you’re part of a duo this season–and even if you’re not–head to The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, Calif., for a super-pampering and luxurious Valentine’s Day couples

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sam children at christmas

Have Yourself a Very Organic Christmas

From our green house to yours, have a healthy and harmonious holiday

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