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2013 Sundance Film Festival Eco-Celeb Event

Organic Spa Magazine was the proud VIP Gift bag sponsor of the 2013 Stein Erikson Lodge/Eco Hideaway Celeb Event held over the weekend at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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Merry Christmas to Me and You and Yours

Sometimes receiving is so much better than giving, well, sorry, sometimes it is! InLite’s sexy messenger bags, backpacks and handbags boast a patent-pending interior light-up system designed to illuminate with the touch of a

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healthy food and vitamins

Huge Clinical Trial Proves Multivitamins Help Prevent Disease

One of the largest, longest, placebo-controlled clinical trials ever done on the use of a daily multivitamin/mineral to prevent cancer in men has shown a remarkable 8 percent drop in overall cancers during a

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Track Your Body Clock to Lose Weight, Boost Stamina

How can you wake up without an alarm clock? Why does your tummy start grumbling a few minutes past your regular lunch hour? That is your ingrained body clock, and researchers now believe these

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Watch for Halloween Dangers Around the Haunted House

Take a long moment to feel grateful this Halloween, and to go through all the Trick-or-Treat candy with care. Give half of it away as soon as you open the bag, and don’t let

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