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Don’t Let Allergies Hamper Healthy Summer Fun

allergy summer workouts tipsAre you sneezing up a storm? Ditto. Fifty million Americans are affected by common allergies and hay fever during this time of year. Experts pinpoint strategies for participating in outdoor activities, and how to prepare your mind and body to sidestep symptoms. While there are no surefire cures, allergy relief is possible.

Go natural. There are plenty of organic and chemical-free solutions to curb allergy symptoms.
If symptoms don’t abate, see a Pro. Let an allergist or M.D. screen you with standardized skin testing to help plan a regimen. Your doctor will run through a list of things you might be allergic to and, perhaps, prescribe medication.

Fight inflammation. Place a cool, wet compress over your eyes to constrict blood vessels and promote a soothing feeling before or after outdoor activities. “If your eyes and nose are very uncomfortable, use a forceful nasal saline squirt bottle like Neil Med with two packets of saline to wash out nasal discharge and drain sinuses,” said Dr. Anthony M. Szema, head of the Allergy Diagnostic Unit at Stony Brook University Medical Center in Northport, NY.

Pinpoint the pollen. Summer allergies (late May to mid-July) are often due to grass and weed pollen but allergies that occur in the fall (late August through first frost) are probably due to ragweed. Know what you’re allergic to before you head outside.

So, cozy up. If you’re already sneezing, keep windows and doors shut, and use an air conditioner at home and in the car. It also helps to shower or bathe with cool water before bedtime to wash off pollen and other allergens in your hair or on your skin.


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