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Eco-Ballet Flats for Spa Style and Yoga Studios

OKA b. sent me their newest rainproof, eco-chic ballet flats (called “The Taylor $45, at right) made from recycled materials, and while the size 8 didn’t fit me (they run really small), they are the perfect snazzy footwear to don between seasons, especially here in Los Angeles where I am still unwilling to part with my beloved and ratty flip-flops.

Once they receive your old shoes (retail new from $40 – $65) they are ground into small usable particles that are blended at a specific weight ratio with new material. Each color is segregated and fed into a gravimeter blender (good cocktail party lingo!) that combines regrind, virgin material, and color concentrate at a specific ratio that is fed directly into our machine. Any material that is deemed unusable in our process is sold to a company that turns it into industrial mats.

This is cool: In 2010, OKA b. donated more than 20,000 pairs of sandals to the people of Haiti following the devastating earthquake.

OKA b. is a family-owned company that actively supports and fosters community building in Atlanta and around the globe through various additional philanthropic initiatives.This factory is low-waste and uses recyclable materials to make every pair of signature sandals, distribution comes from the on-site facility which employs 250 people around the Atlanta, GA area.

Simply send your well-loved OKA b. flip flops and used sandals to the corporate office:

4823 Roy Carlson Boulevard
Buford, Georga 30518
Attention: Recycling

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