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Eco-friendly Fashion Inspired by Yoga

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to green my wardrobe and it seems that most sustainable fabrics such as bamboo or organic cotton can be found in yoga clothes. I’m not surprised since sustainability shares many values and philosophies with yoga that promotes a healthy life-style. In addition most yoga clothes have a sleek silhouette with a bit of stretch that looks flattering on many body types. A lot of yoga pants or tops can easily transition from the studio to the street like GGO organic ready-to-wear for women. The eco-friendly clothing line is made in Los Angeles from recycled plastic bottles, organic wild-harvested bamboo, as well as recycled and organic cotton. What all clothes have in common is that they show how sustainability can look effortlessly chic and even sexy like GGO’s Wrap Dress made out of 88% organic wild harvested bamboo and 12% lycra. You can easily pair it with leggings and flats during the day or dress it up at night.

GGO Clothing was founded in 1992 in Manhattan and stands for Global Ghetto Organics. Since then the company relocated to Los Angeles where all garments are sewn to support their local economy. Every garment combines functionality with environmental mindfulness through their choice of fabric. Bamboo has always been one of my favorite materials since it’s a rapidly renewable resource that also prevents soil erosion. As a fabric it’s very soft to the touch with moisture-wicking and antibacterial qualities. The bamboo used by GGO grows wild in northern Vietnam without any pesticides and fertilizer. Another eco-friendly material used in GGO’s eco-friendly ready-to-wear line is their proprietary 60/20/20 flyweight jersey made from recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton, and organic bamboo. According to the company’s website converting discarded plastic or PET into fabric uses 30% less energy than to create clothes from virgin polyesters. You can find these fabrics made out of recycled plastic bottles in the Maya Cocktail Dress, the Bodhichitta Cowl Neck and the semi-sheer Bliss Dress. I think my inner yogi would approve.