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Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Less Material, More Design

Valcucine_2During a recent stroll through Soho in Manhattan, I stopped by the showroom of Italian kitchen maker Valcucine. I have always been a big fan of their Invitrum base unit system made of 100% recyclable glass and aluminum. The system is easy to dismantle at the end of its useful life. All parts are connected with mechanical joints instead of glues, which also reduces the amount of toxins in your home. You might want to check out this video that shows the dismantling process. It’s amazing to watch how beautifully choreographed the pieces come together. The innovative base unit system uses only a single glass carcass, instead of side-by-side units with double side panels used by traditional kitchen makers, and therefore requires less material. To me lighter design or dematerialization is the way towards a more sustainable future. It implies fewer materials, which means less environmental impact all the way from material extraction, production, transportation, to disposal.

Valcucine’s entire showroom in Soho seemed to reflect the philosophy of dematerialization with its open and airy design. The main focus of my visit was to see the New Logica System. It was really magical to see lift-up doors as part of the back section reveal kitchen equipment such as a dish-drainer, weighing scales, bottle-racks and other small appliances. They are hidden from the eye when the back section is closed.

The Aerius lift-up doors are quite impressive from an ergonomic and environmental point of view. They are made of a very light honeycomb aluminum structure with various finishing materials and can be opened by a simple upward touch of the hand. The movement works just with gravity. No hinges or springs are needed. While cooking you can freely move around without having to be concerned about closing doors or bumping your head. What I like about the New Logica System is that everything is right there for making meals but you can hide it after you’re done. Cleaning up your kitchen space has never been easier.


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