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Eco-friendly totes designed with pets and people in mind

Many times I’ve written about the relationship between sustainable design and human health. But what about the well-being of pets? Not only do they share the indoor quality with their owners but they are also exposed to the same toxins from furniture or other home products. According to the American Pet Products Association pets increase the emotional health of their owners. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them something in return? That’s why it was refreshing to see Harry Barker’s eco-friendly dog and cat products at NYIGF that help to create a greener home for pets and people.

New product introductions for fall/winter 2012 included eco-tote bags, Gingham collars, leashes and harnesses as well as hemp vintage stripe dog beds. The contemporary designs are so much fun that you don’t need to own a pet to love Harry Barker’s new line of sustainable totes. All eco-friendly and durable bags are made from 50% jute fibers and 50% yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles. They make cute shopping companions for a visit to a local farmer’s market or store. The fabric has whimsical illustrations of cats or dogs with titles such as “hotel de chien” or “bon chat” that are printed with AZO-free dyes. Available in two sizes the bigger bag is for dog’s gear and the smaller one for pet’s toys or treats.

Another eco-friendly and stylish design was Harry Barker’s new line of Gingham collars and leashes woven with yarn spun from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They come in blue, red, green and black. Next the bold and classic stripe designs of the woven dog bed covers caught my eye. The contemporary covers are made of an industrial hemp and cotton blend, stuffed with eco-fiber fill made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s great to see how the company aims to reduce its impact on the environment within their entire product range that also includes treats, bowls, pet waste bags or food storage containers without sacrificing style. Food storage containers or treat bins are made from recycled metal and treats from all natural ingredients. Healthy pets make for happy owners.




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