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Fair Trade Soccer Balls For Social Change

Despite the fact that I’m from Germany, I never developed a deep passion for soccer or our national team, Die deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft. But what I love about the sport is that it transcends different cultures, religions, continents and races. It’s a unifying activity played by kids and adults all over the world that doesn’t require much more than passion and a ball. But that’s where its beauty lies. Playing soccer can build communities and instill confidence in young adults. And that’s why Senda’s Fair Trade Certified soccer balls collection seems like such a natural fit.

So what does Fair Trade really mean? I’m sure you have heard it in the context of buying coffee or chocolate. In the case of Senda, Fair Trade USA, a third-party certifier, ensures that all workers in the supply chain receive at least the minimum national wage within a healthy and safe work environment. There is no child labor involved during the production process. Purchasing Senda soccer balls support fair wages and safe working conditions for the factory workers, such as stitchers. This includes the entire process from lamination and drying of casing material, cutting and screen-printing panels, and kit preparation and stitching, to quality control and preparation for shipment. Producers receive a Fair Trade Premium to support the improvement of their communities’ health, education, and economic development. Senda also supports non-profit organizations such as “Soccer Without Borders” in Oakland that promotes sports as a tool for positive social change with disadvantaged youths.

The hand-stitched soccer balls are made in Pakistan and come in several sizes that can be used for high school, college leagues or youth soccer leagues. I’m actually thinking about getting the Mini Ball myself for mini-breaks at the office. Other models range from the Valor Training Ball–ideal for practice–to the Rapido Premier Ball, designed for official games. Maybe I’m more passionate about Fußball than I thought.