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Family-Friendly Resort Makes You “Ambassador of the Environment”

In “The Whale Capitol of the West,” between Blue Whale feeding grounds and Gray Whale mating season, sits The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel on Salt Creek Beach, a surfer’s true nirvana.

Environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau (yes, dad was the famous Jacques) partnered with this pet-friendly resort to offer 15 eco-friendly, fun excursions for all ages. “This botanical area is a natural classroom and living laboratory in which families can explore and have such fun together,” said Cousteau.

Choose from one of our favorite “eco- ambassador programs” at The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel:

Life Between the Tides ($80 per person for all kids and adults, 3 hours)
Hike miles of tide pools every weekday, gathering starfish and catching white jellyfish (no stings) with nets along the shoreline. Guides explain the currents, track wildlife and myriad beauty uses for seaweed. You learn  ocean responsibility begins at home.

Ambassadors in the Kitchen ($90 per person for kids five and older, 3 hours)
Tour vibrant, teeming organic gardens and garden guides enhance your knowledge of sustainable gardening and non-toxic insect repellents. You may pick the makings of salads and pizza toppings from an acre of organic plantings, then don chef’s hats to cook an all-natural meal together.

Pictures in the Sky ($80 per person for teens and older, at nighttime)
Explore the cosmos in an exciting after-dark activity great for older kids and teens who want to stare into telescopes and find constellations, and listen to legends of the night sky. Finally, down at the intimate sand-colored spa, the focus is on elements from the ocean with rich minerals, sea salts and various therapeutic algae.

While I spent most of my time staring at stuntmen-like surfers at my sexy perch in Bar Raya (nibbling oysters and ahi ceviche), my excited son Sam was snipping squash blossoms in the organic acres and then baking pizza for the whole family. There’s something sustainable for everyone here, so get your green on at The Ritz Carlton on Dana Point.

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