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Fast Fixes to Banish Blemishes

When a pesky blemish develops, the last thing your face needs is a harsh acne treatment that strips the skin, leaving skin dry and inflamed. ”Some of the more traditional, synthetic-based products contain ingredients that irritate the skin or may even cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation,” said Jenefer Palmer, founder of OSEA. “Many essential oils — a common ingredient in natural spot treatments — have antibacterial and soothing properties that function as an astringent and antiseptic. Natural spot treatments promote healing and reduce inflammation so the blemish will usually look better the very next day.” We test-drove these all-natural products for you, and they really work.

Indie Lee Blemish Stick

A one-tube-wonder that’s a perfect dab-and-go treatment, this stick can be used under or over makeup to help speed up the healing of acne blemishes. Made with ingredients such as purified water, zinc, witch hazel and salicylic acid, this spot treatment banishes bumps fast, without over-drying. $28,

OSEA Ocean Cleansing Mudd

This marine-based daily cleanser, made with USDA certified organic seaweed, will purify clogged pores, remove dead skin, promote a healthy pH balance and control excess oil production. Infused with minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins, to refine and clarify the skin. For additional benefits, massage the cleanser with steam to combat excessive blackheads, or use as a pre-shave emollient to help with ingrown hairs. $16 – $42,

Santalia Intensive Spot Treatment

Say goodbye to breakouts before they appear with this clear, quick-drying gel free of benzyl peroxide, sulfates, dyes and preservatives. Formulated with sandalwood extracts that calm irritation and combat bacteria, odorless onion extracts that combat scarring, and Kakadu Plum, an Australian bush food that’s a rich source of Vitamin C, this treatment is designed to neutralize and heal skin, before blemishes get out of control. $25,

EmerginC Blemish Control Drying Lotion

A little goes a long way. Apply one to two times a day on problem areas to improve the appearance of blemishes, but don’t overuse — this product packs a potent punch. Made with salicylic acid, zinc oxide and sulfur, this lotion will help reduce the size, severity and discoloration of zits. $29,

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap

The deep cleansing and exfoliating properties of traditional African Black Soap combined with shea butter create a hydrating experience, while oats and Vitamin E help soothe the skin. Great for fighting face and body blemishes, the powerful combinations of palm ash, plantain peel extract and papaya enzymes target oily skin, acne, eczema and other skin ailments. $4,


Surya Brasil Clay Mask

Whether used as a spot treatment or full-face mask, this product’s key ingredients — Amazon white clay and Organic Acerola Cherry Extract — will help eliminate toxins from the surface skin, leaving it moisturized and radiant. Composed of properties extracted directly from plant raw materials without pesticides, this mask promotes anti-free radical action protecting the skin against loss of resilience. $23.99,