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Resource Partners of the RRGH

First Coat of Paint – Exterior Front

The Rocky River Green Home has come a long way since the renovations began back in April. David Fischback (homeowner and Krill Co. president) and Beverly Maloney-Fischback (homeowner and CEO/Founder/Publisher of Organic Spa Magazine) had the existing structure stripped down to it’s “good bones”, repurposing scrap material and building on new additions using green-build technology and eco-conscious supplies along the way.

We want to introduce you to some of the resource partners of the Rocky River Green Home project. Please take the time to check out all of these great companies and what they are doing, not just for the RRGH, but the planet. Big or small – everyone can make a difference.

The Fischback’s have always had a sweet spot for the Arhaus brand and it’s line of cool slipcover couches and chairs and although they are furnishing the home with a lot of new Arhaus products, they are repurposing their old Arhaus couches and chairs as well.

Environment Certified by the ISO, ASKO provides water-efficient washers, dryers and dishwashers that are low energy and detergent consumption appliances that will be the perfect touches to make the RRGH green kitchen that much greener.
The Caesarstone quartz countertops that will be installed into the RRGH kitchen are comprised of 93% quartz, the most sustainable minerals in nature. Putting the environment first for over 20 years, Caesarstone recycles 97% of the water used in the manufacturing process and is a member of the U.S. Green Build Council.

Coyuchi –
Coyuchi is one of the Leading organic bedding and linen suppliers and a big favorite of all the OSM staff. Made from 100% organic cotton, and promoting quality design, Coyuchi was the perfect choice for the bedding and linens of the RRGH.

Eco Dog, Inc. –
Home energy monitoring systems that help minimize wasteful, energy practices within the RRGH and help the Fischbacks monitor their energy use closely and efficiently.

EcoSmart Fire –
Ventless, clean-burning bioethanol fireplaces that provide “warm, dancing flames” like the one in the RRGH master bedroom. Using bioethanol, a renewable fuel produced from agricultural by-products, EcoSmart’s “fire furniture” eliminates the harmful chemicals being released by conventional fireplaces while adding a luxurious touch to any room.

Haiku Designs –
Focused on the zen of the sleeping area, which was very important to Bev Maloney-Fischback, Haiku Designs was the right choice to outfit the bedrooms of the RRGH. “I believe quality of sleep and the quality of your sleep environment is essential for optimal wellness,” said Maloney-Fischback. Haiku embraces this philosophy passionately and promotes a de-cluttered sleeping space to maximize room function for a more peaceful, zen-ful sleep.

One of the greenest sauna manufacturers on the market today, Healthmate Saunas use the only UL- approved far infrared heaters in the industry and are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, Program for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification and Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Made from reclaimed cedar, Healthmate Saunas provide dozens of health benefits from detox to cardiovascular system fitness. As health and wellness is the cornerstone to the Fischback’s eco lifestyle, the addition of a sauna was an essential element in the RRGH.
Recognized globally as a leader in sustainability, Kohler is committed to infusing environmental, social and economic responsibility so that they “work together and benefit one another.” Being a brand leader in the spa industry, Kohler was used exclusively for the Fischback’s spa-themed master bathroom, the second floor guest bath and for all of the plumbing fixtures in the RRGH kitchen.  

Mariner Energy Systems -
Ohio-based solar panel supplier was an invaluable consultant in the early stages to the RRGH.

Nature’s Carpet-
Nature’s Carpet products are fully sustainable and are certified by LEED, ISO and CRI Green Label Plus, which is why the Fischbacks chose their 100% sustainable wool carpets for the RRGH’s basement gameroom.

The Fischback’s have been longtime fans of Pelican Water, having a Pelican Water system installed into their previous home. “We love to bathe and I didn’t want my children bathing in chlorinated water,” stated homeowner Beverly Maloney-Fischback. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Water Quality Association, the RRGH is proud to have Pelican’s whole house filtration system installed, which removes salt and chlorine through reverse osmosis.

Rain Water
Rainwater Hogs are rain water collection systems that can convert water from a good rain into irrigation water, water for a load of laundry and even for a shower. The Fischbacks decided Rainwater Hogs would be perfect to use for irrigation on their gardens and landscaping, not letting a Rocky River rainfall go to waste.

Savvy Rest pride themselves on manufacturing organic, non-toxic mattresses using organic wool, organic cotton and organic casings. Certified by Oregon Tilth for their eco-friendly wool gathering practices and by the USDA for their Dunlop latex used in their casings, Savvy Rest helps the Fischbacks sleep easily and safely.

Harmony is the latest and greatest line of “green” interior paints from Sherwin Williams. Harmony’s zero-VOC formula is safe for any room in the house, which is why the Fischbacks chose it for all the rooms in the RRGH. Being one of the first residential homes to use Harmony in the area, the RRGH will be a great example of how you can easily “green” your walls with new Sherwin Williams paint. 

Stone Forest’s sustainable bamboo sinks were selected for two of the RRGH’s bathrooms, including the sauna room. Receiving the GOOD DESIGN by the Chicago Athenaeum, these bamboo beauties are made from fully sustainable, renewable  bamboo forests.
As highlighted in the last Rocky River Green Home blog post, Teragren’s eco-conscious bamboo flooring will cover over 5,000 square feet of the RRGH, including the Yoga Room. From root to rooms, Teragren’s bamboo flooring is safe for any home as well as the environment. FSC and Floorscore certified, Teragren’s flooring is as beautiful as it is green.

Sub-Zero/Wolf –
Sub-Zero’s line of Energy Star-rated refrigerators were perfect for the RRGH due to Sub-Zero’s use of energy efficient motors and non-ozone depleting refrigerant, according to Sub-Zero’s website. Homeowner and Organic Spa Magazine’s CEO and Publisher Beverly Maloney-Fischback has been a long time fan of this brand for its quality and the company’s dedication to sustainable business and manufacturing practices, “Sub-Zero is a great example of where luxury meets sustainability and the investment pays off by ensuring our investment in good quality, organic food stays fresh and lasts longer”, said Maloney-Fischback.

Sun Windows –
Sun Windows handcrafts all-custom made windows for each of their clients, which reduces waste at their manufacturing facility, which is located in Owensboro, KY. Sun Windows utilizes 100% re-useable powder coating which contain no VOCs along with using low-E glass which is why the Fischbacks chose them to manufacture all of the windows that went into the RRGH.

Warren Roofing – Roofing systems & solar
Ohio-based Warren Roofing provided the RRGH with a beautiful roof by installing a 10-panel solar system that will produce 20% of the RRGH’s energy supply.