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Get a Love Detox in Time for Valentine’s Day!

valentines day love detox What is a love detox? Be happy you are not exactly sure! This could mean one of two things, to me:

1) You deserve a solo spa day because you are (for whatever reason) all alone and in need of pampering. Or it could mean:

2) You and your partner both wholly deserve a dual spa treat where you revive your relationship and sweat out any bad mojo between the both of you.

The Park Hyatt Aviara Spa Director, in San Diego, Kyra Johnson swore to me she could provide a true emotional detox, physical detox and love deluxe with her dual-action couples treatment. “First and foremost, the treatment is a combination massage and body treatment–which you don’t often see. There are five elements that work together to create an intensely detoxifying treatment, with focus on lymphatic drainage, reduction of fluid retention and increased circulation,” said Johnson.

Detox Massage (50 minutes for $170; 80 minutes for $240 per person)

This stimulating and detoxifying treatment combines an invigorating full body dry brushing, a firming cellulite reducing gel mask followed by a targeted invigorating massage using Juniper Berry, Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary.

  • Dry Brushing – used for centuries to promote circulation and is well known for detoxing
  • Targeted massage techniques – the stroke techniques are very active and address the tissues and lymphatic system rather than the muscles as you would commonly find in a massage treatment. Kneading, hacking and beating of the muscle manipulates the tissues and reduces fluid retention
  • Manual lymphatic drainage – a feather light massage technique that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph from the tissues.
  • Reflexology – sequence of pressure point foot therapy targeting specific points for the liver, kidney, bladder, small and large intestine and lymphatic system
  • Concentrated detoxifying oil and anti-cellulite gel – all infused with juniper berry, pink grapefruit, rosemary and pine, also known as stimulating ingredients to combat fluid retention and boost circulation.

valentines day love detoxBetter to romance you, lover boy. Follow your luxurious body treatment with Park Aviara’s lite spa menu, and detox your bloodstream while you’re loosening up all over the place. (See photos right)

Tell the truth: Do you need a love detox this year?

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