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Going Gluten-Free on a Hawaiian Holiday

gluten free dessertsI never realized how this carbohydrate-driven nutrient is in practically everything on a breakfast menu. How much gluten lurks in your favorite foods: pizza, sandwiches, muffins? Answer: Tons.

Just so happens, I am traveling to several Hawaiian islands with a gluten-free friend next month, and I did a quick search on eateries and hotels where gluten-free devotees can flourish. After all, when you’re snorkeling in turquoise waters, dancing all night and wearing a new pretty bikini, you no not want your belly bloated and ingestion to rein free.

Travelers looking for healthier and gluten-free dining options will find more choices starting to pop up in Hawaii. Whether you’re a pizza connoisseur and haven’t been able to find the perfect pizza, or miss eating fluffy muffins for breakfast, the Hawaiian Islands are about to blow your gluten-free mind with a plethora of the most delectable restaurants.

°   Chrysalis Foods (Oahu) – Looking for a gluten- and dairy-free hotspot while shopping at Ala Moana Center? Visit the Vim ‘N Vigor store for the Chrysalis foods counter where the menu changes every week, offering local faves such as mochiko chicken and mochi treats.
°    Up Country Bakery & Cafe (Big Island) – Satisfy your breakfast buds with gluten-free berry muffins or pancakes, or the lush banana bread. On your way to see the volcano? Grab a sandwich on gluten-free bread and take it with you.
°    Maui Brick Oven (Maui) –This casual joint located in Kihei gained popularity for the most phenomenal gluten-free pizza. Now Maui locals constant this eatery for its impeccable service and vast menu selection that ranges from pasta to pizza and salads.
° Sweet Marie’s Hawaii (Kauai) – Looking for a local bakery for your gluten-free wedding or anniversary cake? Sweet Marie’s is a hometown favorite on the Garden Isle and the 100% gluten-free menu consists of organic locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Do you have any dietary restrictions to communicate before you visit a destination spa?

Do you call ahead to make sure the staff can accommodate your nutritional needs?

Photo: Gluten-free dessert courtesy Leanne Covington for Maui Brick Oven

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