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Good Timing

Has anyone else felt nostalgic for a wristwatch, lately? I haven’t thought about mine for years. But now that I am running through airports, covering conferences, and pretty much non-stop on-the-go, I’ve become aware of how it was so much easier to simply flip my wrist to find out the time, instead of asking someone because I’m too lazy to dig deep into my bag and scrounge around for my iphone. I was covering the Green Fest in NYC — check out upcoming Green Fests in DC, San Francisco,  and LA this year — when a shock of color emanating from one of the booths caught my eye.

Color is the new eye candy this season, and this was sweet: brightly colored, biodegradable, recyclable watches from an eco-friendly company called Sprout. All of the Sprout watches incorporate sustainable materials like organic cotton, conflict-free diamonds, cork, or fish leather (more on this another time!), and more. They are also affordable–priced between $30 and $80, so that you can build a mini-wardrobe of wrist-colors! A great gift for men, women and kids (love the little owl faces, flowers, and brightly colored stripes and digits) and, of course, they come in the season’s hottest colors–orange, anyone?

Really makes me want to look at my watch! –Rona Berg