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Green Style for Laundry Bags and Duffels

Every month I return from the local dry cleaners here in Los Angeles, and my first thought is “Jeez, thank goodness my son is six years old and doesn’t stick his head in plastic bags anymore during playtime.” I know, I know. But then my second thought is, “How  the heck can I recycle all these plastic sheets that tear on contact when I bring my dry cleaning back to the house?”

There has to be a better way to recycle these endless thin, plastic bags that bloat our landfills and sully our clean waters. Right?

If I stare really hard at the lazy LA River flowing by my house, will I actually see all these useless plastic dry cleaning bags?

Each year in the US, 1.4 billion pieces of clothing are professionally cleaned and an estimated 300+ million pounds of single-use plastic dry-cleaning bags threaten the Earth’s marine and wildlife.

Enter, the environmentally friendly Green Garmento (starts at $9.99) which serves as a versatile duffle bag, carrying bag, laundry hamper and travel garment bag. Practical and nearly stylish (it has a carrying strap), the Green Garmento is a healthy alternative to single-use plastic laundry and garment bags or all shapes and sizes.

Each eco-chic bag is very cleverly made from recyclable materials, and comes in six colors and four lengths. Dry cleaners and hotels support the mission of The Green Garmento for the ecological advantages, but equally important, as these bags are breathable and water-resistant, they protect the dry-cleaned clothes better.

To reduce your own carbon footprint, consider recycling your bags for a cleaner planet.

Green Garmento founder Jennie Nigrosh and her team have distributed 250,000 bags to businesses and consumers in 17 countries to date. She said, “We hope to reduce the 300 million pounds of single-use dry cleaning bags that continue to clog landfills and threaten wildlife.”

“Everyone can be fantastic and use less plastic.” 

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