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Green Your Christmas With Vintage Ornaments And Stockings

The upcoming holiday season can be one of the most wasteful celebrations with its consumption of gifts, wrapping papers, holiday cards, and festive decorations. Every year the question arises amongst my friends: what’s the most eco-friendly Christmas tree – real or fake? According to an article in the New York Times a natural tree is the better environmental choice based on an independent study conducted by a consulting firm in Montreal. Most artificial trees are made of petroleum-based materials somewhere in China and would have to be reused for more than 20 years to be greener. Whereas real trees are a renewable resource, improve air quality while they grow and provide a natural habitat for wildlife. They can be replanted in a backyard or public park and almost 90% of discarded trees are recycled into mulch. New York has an annual event held by the Department of Parks & Recreation that provides the opportunity to turn holiday trees into mulch used to help nourish trees and plants throughout the city. You can search Earth911 to find programs in your area.

Regardless of your choice there’s another way how you can green your Christmas tree or holiday through vintage decorations by Greenhouse Design Studio. The company believes that “not making something new is the greenest thing of all”. It offers some cute vintage ornaments that were collected from flea markets across the US. Each set includes an eclectic mix with no two being alike. The sale benefits environmental causes through their partnership with 1% for the Planet. Group the ornaments with other vintage items from Greenhouse Design Studio like stockings made in California from linen found in flea markets of the French countryside. Each stocking comes with three vintage ornaments and even a custom monogram that’s included in the price. Or check out the hanging tea light holders made of little medicine jars with vintage copper hanging wire twisted by hand. Everything is put together very thoughtfully with the environment in mind. At the end of the day what type of tree you use is a personal decision. But I would love to hear all about it via the comment section.