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Handmade Hats And Mittens From Nepal

One of my favorite Christmas presents I received last year was a Cable-knit Woolen Earflap Hat by Nirvanna Designs. My ears have never been warmer since it’s made out of 80% wool and comes with earflaps. The inside is lined with fleece so that it feels very soft once you put it on. On the inside it had a little label made out of fabric attached. It mentioned in a handwritten typeface that the cute pom pom hat is made with love and respect from the natural resources of the Himalayas. Other items of Nirvanna Design’s ICE collection include handmade, knit wool accessories such as warm hoods, scarves, hats, and mitten. I love the variety of designs that range from Ribbed Visor Hats, Equestrian Knit Caps or Cable-knit Berets for women to funkier versions for kids like the Skull Mohawk. All handmade hats come in a variety of colors like black, grey, red, white, dark brown or teal. The mittens are really fun as well featuring animal characters such as bulldogs, cheetah monkeys, or dolphins for kids. They certainly brighten up dark winter days with their colorful and playful faces.

Nirvanna Design’s cozy collection of hats are hand-knit by women in their homes in Nepal. They are paid a fair wage for their craftsmanship that allows them to raise a family at home while earning an income. Every purchase you make from the collection helps to support these rural craftswomen. And that’s not hard to do with some many great designs to choose from. I have to admit that another reason that I really love my new hat is because I would like to visit Nepal sometime. It’s just a nice reminder to help support communities and craftsmanship in close and far away places. With so many other products being mass-produced nowadays it’s reassuring to know where a product comes from and that it was created by a human being. That’s why I always like to learn about how a product was made. Please let me know of other sustainable, green, or fair-trade products with a story worth sharing.