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Happy, Sexy Valentine’s Day

There’s one thing you can do to get into the groove on Valentine’s Day, and it’s not drinking wine or getting your hair done. It’s having S-E-X, and it’s very good for you.

New psychiatric women’s health studies from Kaiser Permanente Medical Group of Northern California show that the desire for sexual intercourse—and all its stimulating trimmings—is a challenging and elusive area of clinical research. Study authors say it can be difficult “measuring testosterone in women in a reliable and accurate manner,” as there is “complexity of the neurobiology and behavior of female sexual desire.”

That means, when there are no interpersonal or psychological factors, there is a decided lack of evidence in diagnosing women with low testosterone levels for the symptoms of low libido. Moreover, for many women (based on age, hormones and menopause), there may be no good reason for your low libido except for reduced hormones. And lack of partner.

In the The Journal of Sexual Medicine, a testosterone patch has been produced with excellent effects for menopausal women with low sexual desire. If that’s the easiest fix, why don’t more women use a patch to get their mojo back?

Researchers say it’s not as easy as all that, but consistent sex with an interested partner (that means weekly or monthly, or whatever your optimal schedule may be) maintains your level of sexual interest and appearance, and also lowers your levels of stress and high blood pressure.

Studies show that women of premenopausal age (from roughly 35 years and up) tend to complain more frequently about somatic aches and pains in their lives when they also suffer from low libido. (So besides feeling good and boosting your confidence, making love with someone you care about is good for body, mind and muscle.)

Happy Valentine’s Day. What will you do for yourself this year?

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