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Harvesting Rain In The Rocky River Green Home

Irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting practices date back to ancient Mesopotamia –the cradle of civilization. From aqueducts and water towers to treatment facilities and public water systems, humans have come along way in improving the way that we use water.  These days, the “green” trend of decentralizing water systems is picking up and people are recognizing the importance of rationalized water use.

Water is a precious resource that we must consciously conserve and rainwater harvesting is a simple and practical solution. By collecting, storing and utilizing precipitation, you can recycle rainwater back into your home or use it for irrigation purposes.

The Rocky River Green Home will do its part to reduce and reuse water consumption with an innovative and ingenious device dubbed the “Rainwater HOG.”

The Rainwater HOG is simply installed to the outside of a home and collects rain water runoff that can be used to water plants and gardens or pumped back into the house and used for flushing toilets and doing laundry. As the RRGH already has a Grey Water Recycling system set up, they will be using the Rainwater HOG for the lawn and landscaping needs.

The system boasts negligible costs, simple technology and immediate results.  It is better for plants, increases self-sufficiency and cultivates a greater appreciation for nature. The Rainwater HOG  makes it easy to commit to a lifestyle of rationalized use and conservation.

Rainwater HOGs are a crucial element in creating a sustainable, eco-friendly home- in fact, the Founder of the US Green Building Council, the group responsible for coming up with LEED certification, has eight Rainwater Hog units in his personal home.

The Rainwater HOG was a no-brainer for the Rocky River Green Home and with rising water costs, harvesting rain is something that everyone should be doing – rainwater is FREE!