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High Style, Low Impact Summer Sandals

EarthkeepersDo you know your ecological footprint? If not, it might be enlightening to find out through an online calculator such as the Ecological Footprint Quiz by Center For Sustainable Economy. Filling out the survey was one of my first assignments after I enrolled into the Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program at MCAD. The result showed my impact on the earth in regards to the number of earths required to support our population, assuming everyone had the same impact. Even that I considered myself living an eco-conscious life-style during that time, I was in shock about the outcome of 2.5 earths. That’s when I realized I had to make changes. My carbon, food, and housing footprints were fairly low since I take the subway to work and live in a small studio in Manhattan. But I had to look at other ways on how to reduce my footprint in regards to product consumption.

The obvious choice is to reuse what you have or buy second-hand. In addition, there are companies like Timberland that share my values of protecting the outdoors and minimizing our environmental footprint. Earthkeepers is Timberland’s most eco-minded collection. The footwear collection uses materials such as recycled PET linings, 42% recycled rubber soles, as well as organic cotton and leather from tanneries that are rated silver for their water, waste and energy management. Timberland goes so far as to grade their footwear with a Green Index rating to reflect their environmental impact based on climate impact, chemicals used and resource consumption. Its rating system goes from 0 to 10 and a lower score means a lower environmental footprint for the product.

Last week I tried on some Earthkeepers summer sandals at the Timberland store in Soho since window shopping is still fun. Both, the Whittier Leather Wedge Sandal and the Montvale Ankle Strap Sandal, were super comfortable. I didn’t buy anything since reusing what you have is still the greenest choice. When I looked at the label on the back of the wedge sandal I noticed a Green Index rating of 4. That’s definitely a stylish step in the right direction.


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