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Rocky River Green Home

I’m a “big sky” kind of person. Always have been, which I attribute to my Canadian roots. So when my husband and I found out that this little bungalow was for sale–it sits on a half-acre corner lot and gets the best and longest sunsets in our neighborhood–we were right there.

That was five years ago!

We visited the house, which was built in the ‘50s, and it was not really in good shape. But it had a good foundation and solid bones and we told the owners that if they ever wanted a buyer for just the property, not just the house, we’d be interested.

Last year, we got a knock on the door and they were ready to consider our price.

So, here we are! Basically repurposing and gutting this older established home, but keeping its “good bones,” and making it the first green energy efficient home in the Rocky River area and certainly the first renovated green home in the entire region.

We are very excited about all the options we have to “green” our home. Even though we are focusing our efforts on the green-build and energy-efficiency aspects (solar heating, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, etc…), we also made sure to incorporate the natural elements of our surroundings by bringing a dose of spa wisdom and wellness into our design.

The home is designed to capture the last rays of sunset from as many rooms as possible, especially the new yoga room. Everyone in the house will be able to enjoy views and the breeze from the lake and the Master bath, which has large picture windows and opens to a two-story deck, allows for lots of “big sky” as well.

But what we are most proud of is that we will be an example – to our family, friends, neighbors, community and others – on how to incorporate green building into existing homes and how to further the mission of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I look forward to sharing our journey with all of you!

Bev Maloney Fischback.
CEO, Founder & Publisher
Organic Spa Magazine