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Skinny Margarita Madness

I recently asked my spa therapist, “Can my forehead and my hair still be slightly intoxicated from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?” She laughed heartily.

But the answer is yes, in the form of frizzy hair and dry skin (for me) and your wrinkly neck and décolletage from too much Irish.

That said, the following is decidedly not a face detox recipe.

Casa Vega created a “skinny margarita menu” for healthy types in Hollywood. The family-owned Mexican restaurant has been a Los Angeles landmark for over 55 years. The authentic Southern Mexican vibe is thanks to the influence of Casa Vega’s present owner, Christy Vega Fowler.

At her urging, the restaurant’s long-time chefs now use only fresh fruits from local purveyors for all cocktails (blood oranges, cucumbers, limes and other lush produce), and everything is cooked on site without lard. In addition to her Skinny Margarita recipe below, Fowler said they exclusively use the freshest ingredients for their family-secret recipes of chicken mole, tostadas, house-made mojitos and sangria. New food items include a new Vega Combo appetizer with Mini Chimis, Beef and Chicken Taquitos, and Flour Quesadillas; and Molcajete, a traditional dish with Sliced Flank Steak, Chicken Breast, Tiger Shrimp and a Grilled Chile Relleno baked in a special sauce.

Casa Vega’s Skinny Margarita (serves one)

1 oz  fresh squeezed lime juice
3/4 oz organic agave nectar
3/4 oz spring water
1.5 oz Partida Reposado

Photos courtesy of Casa Vega.

healthy blood orange margarita recipeThe photo below is a potent Blood Orange Margarita, which was scrumptious and sinful.

Mix and serve. What’s your favorite spring tonic?

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