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Kohler : Transforming The Washroom Into An Oasis

Abrazo Freestanding Tub

Abrazo Freestanding Tub


When looking up how long the average person consistently spends in the bathroom, I was shocked at what I found. The average person spends approximately the equivalent to an hour and a half a week, or almost 100 days in a lifetime, in the bathroom. So it makes perfect sense that people want to be as relaxed and comfortable inside the confines of their bathrooms as humanly possible and for ver a century, Kohler has been helping people get exactly what they want – calming comfort through innovation and modern elegance.

The Archer alcove whirlpool bath centers both bathrooms of the Fischback boys with an eight jet whirlpool system inside six feet of bathing room for those tough days after school. Kohler’s “bold thinking” allow complete control over the hydromassage of each jet, allowing for maximum comfort and relaxation. The vanity is accented with the beautifully crafted Crucible vessel sinks which emanate the simple 1950s Danish design that inspired them. The Crucible’s edges are beveled into an oval shape giving the above-counter sink a quaint, cozy feel – perfect for any guest or half bath.

As impressive as the other bathrooms in the RRGH are, nothing compares to what Kohler has done in the master bathroom. The application of the Reve vessel sinks at the “his and her” vanities on either side of the entrance adds simple sophistication to an easily overlooked area of the bathroom. Like the Crucibles, these ivory white, V-shaped sinks sit above the countertop presenting a striking touch to the dark wood they sit upon.

Across the room is the spacious Sandstone-tiled shower which features Kohler’s 12-inch Rain shower head with Katalyst spray technology. With a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, the Katalyst technology introduces air into the water flow which creates bigger drops that simulate a soothing summer’s rain. Couple that with one of Kohler’s steam generators and the master bathroom shower can be instantly transformed into a personalized rainforest oasis.

Crucible vessel above-counter sink

Crucible vessel above-counter sink

The real coup de grace of the master bathroom is the sleek and curvy Abrazo freestanding tub that sits surrounded by the windows of the rooftop patio, blurring the lines between the luxurious interior and the tranquility of Mother Nature outside. Minimal yet magnificent, the Abrazo was inspired by the look and warmth of smooth clay pottery. The integral slotted overflow gives the bather a deeper soak for a fully relaxing experience while looking out over the RRGH’s landscape.

Every bathroom sink is accompanied with Kohler’s Falling Water faucets which are slightly curved and mounted to the wall with a single faucet control, giving the vanity an ergonomically modern touch. The forward thinking of the Falling Water faucets creates a unique look and functionality to an otherwise boring, old bathroom fixture. Best of all, they are coated in a corrosion and tarnish resistant finish which exceeds industry durability standards two times over, ensuring years of elegance and durability.

Along with the Falling Water faucets, most of the RRGH’s bathrooms are equipped with Kohler’s San Raphael Comfort Height toilet – a remarkably smart take on an old staple. The San Raphael uses Comfort Height which makes each piece the height of a standard chair, offering more support and enhanced comfort. Every San Raphael toilet is furnished with the Twin Touch flush feature which offers the choice of 1.4 gallons per flush or 1.0 which makes it an EPA approved Water Sense toilet, using at least 20% less water than the standard 1.6 gpf. Top that all off with heated seats, an air blower and a night light – the San Raphael has quickly become the Mercedes of toilets.

When a company like Kohler manufactures products that directly utilizes a declining natural resource like water, that company has to make a choice; will they be part of the problem or part of the solution. Kohler has clearly chosen the latter. Kohler boasts water conservation through the design of it’s products and the education of it’s customers, employing the “teach a man to fish” scenario which spreads the message of conservation on a grander scale. Redesigning their manufacturing plants and their shipping practices, Kohler saves over seven million kilowatts of energy and reduced their overall shipping weight by 308,000 pounds a year. Kohler has also partnered with organizations like the U.S. Green Building Council, the EPA Water Sense Program, the Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments and the Alliance for Water Efficiency to maximize the impact of their conservation efforts and to minimize their carbon footprint.

When the average human spends so much time in the bathroom, it’s only natural to make the surrounds as inviting and comfortable as possible. Kohler has spent over a century making this happen in homes around the world and doing so in effective and innovative ways through smart, sustainable designs. But don’t think Kohler is limited to the confines of the bathroom – in my next post, we’ll see what Kohler and many other fabulous manufactures have done for the Rocky River Green Home’s kitchen.

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