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Merry Christmas to Me and You and Yours

Sometimes receiving is so much better than giving, well, sorry, sometimes it is! InLite’s sexy messenger bags, backpacks and handbags boast a patent-pending interior light-up system designed to illuminate with the touch of a button. Now, I have no reason to hover searching for my keys in a busy parking lot this season! That’s one rule for safety first: Get in and out of your car quickly and be alert in front of stores this season.

Nifty In-Lite bags are installed with low-emission LED lighting strips powered by AAA batteries.  The revolutionary, patent-pending technology is activated and turned off by pressing the signature logo button, which also features an automatic energy saving timer. “Inlite Bags are for anyone who is constantly frustrated by searching through dark purses and bags to find their things”, says Inlite President Shannon Kelly, a Columbia University fashion grad.

In addition to handbags and clutches, the Flash Backpack and Beacon Messenger (prices range from $75 – $95) come with padded laptop compartments and LED strips that light up two main compartments at the same time.

What are you giving or giving away (even better) this year?

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