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Modern Home Accessories made of Bamboo and Cork

Bamboo is one of my favorite eco-friendly materials. It’s a rapidly renewable resource that can grow up to three to four feet per day without needing fertilizers, pesticides or much water. That’s why I’ve always been a fan of Bambu’s contemporary kitchen products made from certified organic bamboo sources. During my recent visit to NYIGF I was excited to see that the China-based company added cork to their sustainable materials.

Bambu launched a total of eighteen new home and office products at the tradeshow in New York. My favorites were the new designs for their bamboo coasters range, the new bamboo and cork canister series and the “giving bear” made of soft cork fabric. The new motifs for the bamboo coasters are bees, whales, peony, and bicycle that are hand-burnished. What I like about the new bamboo and cork canister series is its timeless elegance. The storage vessels can be used in the kitchen for salt, spice, or coffee beans. In the bathroom they are great for cotton balls, elastic hair bands, or anything else that needs to get organized. They combine two renewable and sustainable materials in a functional design. What really got my attention though was the introduction of the “giving bear” which is a cute, hand-sized bear made of cork fabric. It’s stuffed with hand-picked, unbleached cotton grown next to the work shop where it’s made. I’ve never seen a soft toy made out of cork before which really broadened my horizon for sustainable design. It makes a unique gift for kids and grown-ups alike. Cork fabric is naturally wear and water resistant making it perfect for placemats, wallets, and even iPad sleeves that were part of the newly introduced product range as well. I’ve always known the company Bambu as a brand that sells beautifully designed bowls, cutting boards, and serving trays made out of bamboo. It’s great to see how the brand expands its product range while staying true to its sustainable values. I wonder what renewable and low-impact materials they might introduce next.

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