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Labor Day Yoga on my New Favorite Yoga Mat

Solid color or subtle print? Wordy mantra or a poppy fluorescent that either stimulates your senses or drives your Third Chakra wild… depending on your mood. What do you like about your yoga mat and when do you buy a new one and how do you clean it better?

Do you stick to puke purple or change the color of your yoga mat with the seasons, depending on your goals?

Yogi Question of the Day: What’s the best way to clean and de-shine your new yoga mat so you don’t take a tumble or slip sideways?

Celebrating National Yoga Month!

Most active people who travel wish they could bring their own attractive, slightly familiar  clean yoga mat on the bus or plane with them…  and so now you can. Gear Company Manduka just launched Journey On, a bag collection developed specifically with the traveling yogi in mind.

Stylish, eco-friendly, and above all else, some functional bags (starting at $50) are thicker-than-normal for achy knees; there are even mats for every road warrior’s budget.  Some fancy mats even contain antique brass hardware and more inspirational messages.

(Me? I am always a grassy beige or organic mat kinda girl. And I clean my new mat with a scratchy washcloth doused in warm water and lemon juice or tree tree oil and water. Simply scrub all the shininess away.)

Taking inspiration from adventures on and off the mat, the Journey On collection includes six differed size bags for heading to the yoga studio or trekking across the globe, including a roomy overnight tote bag and a durable duffle with a special yoga mat compartment. Manduka lives in 35 countries worldwide.

What is your favorite moment in yoga class? Mine is coming into my first Downward Facing Dog of the day.

We are celebrating National Yoga Month all month long — stay tuned for special gifts, freebie classes, new downloads and yoga dates.

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