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Namaste A While In The Yoga Room

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The art of yoga has existed for centuries, in one for or another, combining a person’s physical, mental and spiritual being in order to reach an inner peace and sense of tranquility. I know when I attempt the warrior three pose, the inner peace runs right through my shaking leg muscles. When embarking on the path to tranquility, a person’s surroundings should be an extension of what the overall goal is: peace.

Peace is what comes to mind in the Rocky River Green Home’s second floor yoga room that faces out toward the pristine Lake Erie. A spacious room withonly two wallscontaining it, the yoga room’sdécor is simple and free of clutter – something that can subconsciously creep into a persons spiritual workout. With large windows in virtually every wall, the yoga room becomes an extension of Mother Nature.

Walking up the stairs, the yoga room greets every guest with its rich Darby Brown bamboo flooring from Washington State’s Teragren. The Darby Brown stretches from wall to wall, providing a unique warmth and comfort not found in standard flooring. The dark, nine-coat finish makes the floor of the yoga room as cozy as it is durable, surpassing red wood and North American maple in durability tests. Couple that with 25 year finish warranty, Teragren assures their floors will be a spiritual canvas for years. All of the finishes on Teragren flooring are water-based and solvent-free supplying peace of mind before the first pose.

What’s almost more impressive than their flooring is Teragren’s commitment to preserving the state of the environment without compromising quality. For virtually 20 years, Teragren and their employees have made it their personal mission to reduce the use of our already dwindling forests by utilizing bamboo, a highly sustainable resource. The Chinese bamboo used is cultivated at five-to-six years of age to satisfy the maximum strength needed to manufacture superior flooring without overextending bamboo crops.

Teragren has always looked at restoring the environment in a broader light, taking into account every aspect of the process. It’s not just the planet who is in need of safeguarding, but those who help supply the bamboo and the leader in bamboo manufacturing makes sure the workers in China are treated with care and respect. LEED certifiable, Floorscore certification for emitting low VOCs along with being a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Business for Social Responsibility are just a few examples of why Teragren flooring spreads tranquility amongst everyone from farmer to floor.

Acting in harmony with the flooring is the zen touch of Arhaus Furniture, which is also featured in the living room, family room and bedrooms of the RRGH. What Arhaus brings to the yoga room, however, is soothing charm with a sense of organic living. To achieve this zen-like feel, the yoga room has no traditional seating, but rather is fitted with Arhaus Java bags. These over-sized, beanbag-type poof pillows are the perfect spot to relax after a session or just a nice change of “scenery” from the living room or the family room, and why not? The Belgian linen on the Java bags are so inviting with their reversed surged for an unassuming, casual feel.

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To accent the Java chairs, the end tables from the Merritt Occasional Collection mirrors everything the yoga room (and the RRGH, for that matter) represents in the way of style and sustainability. Sitting just under two feet tall (the perfect complement to the Java chairs), the Merritt tables are fashioned from recovered branches found along the coast of Java, Indonesia. Each individual twig and branch are artfully assembled and coated in Carnauba wax forming a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Yoga has been widely defined as meaning “union” or “to join.” A place where the spirit melds with the body and mind to achieve an everlasting state of peace and within the yoga room of the RRGH, the translation is quite appropriate. Bringing together design, sustainability, comfort and peace in an auspicious union is something Teragren and Arhaus have been able to accomplish for many people over many years and the yoga room is the proof. Namaste.


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