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New Beginnings

Framing Northeast CornerA house is made of walls and beams. A home is built with love and dreams.” – Dr. William A. Ward

In the building of a home, there is much that needs to be considered – inside and out. Now, more than ever, homes are being built with the future family and the environment in mind. Such is the case with the Rocky River Green Home, a Northeast Ohio home refurbishing project that is renovating a 1950’s ranch into a beautifully crafted, luxurious, eco-conscious home.

Owned by Organic Spa Magazine’s founder and CEO Beverly Maloney-Fischback and her husband David, the RRGH is the first home of it’s kind in the region. Both Beverly and David Fischback, President of the Cleveland-based construction firm handling the renovations, felt it was important to build in an environmentally responsible way while keeping the home’s quality features intact.

The homeowners have enlisted the award-winning expertise of Lakewood, Ohio’s own green architect firm AODK, along with Leed certified interior designers from Toronto, Canada to head-up the project. Every inch of material, inside and out, has been carefully considered, making sure that the highest quality products are being utilized to maximize efficiency and durability without compromising integrity. Whenever possible, supplies are sourced locally to minimize the size of the Green Home’s footprint. The Rocky River Green Home may not be the first in Ohio, but it is setting a higher standard.

“What we are most proud of is that we will be an example,” says Maloney-Fischback, “to our family, friends, neighbors and community on how to incorporate green building into existing homes and how to further the mission of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

As the Rocky River Green Home’s progress develops, we will be sharing insight to the builders, designers, and all of the material used along the way. There will be facts to follow the photos while the “walls and beams” go up. Organic Spa Magazine hopes you enjoy watching the transformation of the Rocky River Green Home over the next few months while the love and dreams are being built.