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New Fitness Survey Finds Americans Most Likely to Exercise for Charity

In the recent Harris interactive health and fitness survey of over 2,000 self-described “active Americans,” most participants in a recent Harris Poll revealed the biggest factor influencing their potential participation in an endurance event like a marathon or triathlon would be to raise charity for a health-related cause. But exercising for charity or jumpstarting your own fitness regimen for charity is also short-lived.

What do you do to keep exercising once your bike ride or charity run is over?

The survey also found that while 71% of Americans have (or would consider) participating in an endurance event, but their lack of motivation, no time and high costs have kept them away. Endurance event sponsors Eventbrite commissioned the survey to examine what motivates people versus what inhibits endurance event participation.

Knowing exactly what turns an exerciser off could greatly help the obesity epidemic.

According to Eventbrite’s recent study:

  • 27% claimed weight loss as biggest motivation to start exercising consistently and/or to sign up for a demanding athletic event
  • Exercisers aged 18-34 (50%) are nearly twice as likely as those 35 and over (26%) to be motivated by charitable causes
  • While 71%  of Americans have or would consider participating in an endurance event, only 32% had the opportunity
  • Single people (43%) were more likely than married people (34%) to say they don’t have time.
  • Over 40% of participants believed training for a marathon would make them more physically attractive.

For a list of Eventbrite’s endurance races and healthy charities, go to their site and choose an asctivity that will jumpstart your own fitness interest but also maybe get your friends and family involved.

If you’ve been sedentary  for awhile, start off slowly by joining a Run-Walk group or a local walking club in your area. It helps to start up regular exercise with a workout buddy who is slightly more motivated and fit than you are so they inspire you to keep going!

Follow our health and fitness bloggers for more ideas next week. [Photo right, that's me Nordic Walking for charity. Photo by Chris Fanning]


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