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New Walking Research: Ramp up Your Energy

New research shows that walking continues to be a healthy and hyper-affordable form of fitness for those with an average fitness level. It can help lower blood pressure, manage your weight, improve your mood, help you stay strong and fit and is half as stressful on your body in comparison to running with many of the same benefits!

Here’s the new part:

One new study found in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, published April 2012, showed that in an average person both walking and running created an “increased energy expenditure.” This means that for people who are not avid gym goers simply taking a 30-minute stroll around the neighborhood is a great source of exercise.

If really want to spice up your walk and add a little variety, try:

° Take a walk through your neighborhood: Walk 5 houses then switch to walking lunges past 1 house, until you get to the next mail box, etc.
° At a mailbox complete 10 squat jumps and/or 25 jumping jacks. Then continue to lunge to the next mailbox. Repeat this sequence 5 times.
° Add walking poles to any power walking workout and expect to blast up to 30 percent more overall calories, due to the upper-body motions, shoulder work and core muscle engagement.
° Finally, after you gradually cool-walk all the way home, no workout is complete without 10 minutes of ab crunches followed by sweet stretching.

If you want to kick it up another notch once you’ve reached a comfortable fitness level, walk 5 houses then add in 5 running sprints before you do lunges. Numerous variations and exercises can be added in continuously as your fitness level increases.

How can you bump up the intensity of your walks in order to stoke your own stamina and firm up all over?

Photo Credit: I was photographed by Chris Fanning using Nordic Walking poles, at right. My shoulder muscles get a major pump!

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