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Hollywood Day Spa Offers Holiday Detox Package

detoxing sauna fitness When I walk into Firm Body Evolution (FBE) off Santa Monica Boulevard it doesn’t look like any gym I’ve been to lately, but I am interested in their “Fitness & Detox” monthly membership where I might take advantage of vibrational cardio machines, Infrared Detox saunas (reportedly burning 500 calories per 30-minute session) and spa treatments.

While alternative therapies are available at this Asian-inspired studio — think Reiki, acupuncture and personal training — I am interested in the rows of red saunas in the back room, and actually follow the actress Rashida Jones into one. (Many celebs have monthly memberships.)

First though, I lift weights (biceps curls, squats, lunges, push-ups, etc) for only 20 minutes with a trainer and was totally exhausted. Double the workout in half the time. The science behind vibrational therapy cardio machines is fascinating and well-procured, and research finds this mode more effective than high-impact running or kickboxing class for calorie burn.

Owner of FBE Joseph Harounian said, “Nutritional counseling and regular workouts are also available but most people join for the amazing benefits of an entire detox workout from the water you drink to the massages, to our specialized infrared, de-toxing saunas.”

FBE’s unique equipment includes:
·         oscillating vibration machines that burn more overall calories that treadmills
·         hip rotator machines to realign hips (a problem for most of us who sit a lot)
·         pneumatic compression, which massages the body;
·         alkaline water for rehydration and detox
·         body composition and fat analysis

After a shorter-than-usual weight workout, I hop into the Infrared saunas that literally sweats toxins from my skin. The futuristic “sauna ‘pods” are accompanied by dark sexy lighting, calm music and aromatherapy infused air to help you relax and rejuvenate while you sleep, meditate, or just bliss out. (Think I caught Rashida Jones snoring…)

detox therapyPost-exercise, these saunas may:

  1. Improve skin by deep-cleansing pores
  2. Detoxify the body
  3. Strengthen the immune system
  4. Improve lymphatic circulation
  5. Relieve joint pain
  6. Reduce stress and fatigue
  7. Increase flexibility
  8. Boost energy levels

The next time you’re in Los Angeles, skip the star maps tours and hit the detox spa instead. I loved the experience at FBE, and you will too. Their research is super-progressive and the staff is educated in alternative eastern therapies that make good sense.

Why not treat yourself to a holiday detox?

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