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Organic Cotton Toys For A Happy And Healthy Holiday

Who doesn’t need a good laugh once in a while? Whenever I’m in the neighborhood I like to stop by my local giggle. The toy store is geared towards parents but you don’t need to have children to feel instantly cheered up. Many of the eco-friendly toys are fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Giggle carries a big selection of eco-friendly toys such as planes made out of bamboo or frisbees upcycled from discarded milk bottles but also organic cotton bedding and apparel. This holiday season the store displays a big selection of organic cotton toys by Miyim made exclusively for giggle. By far my favorite character is a soft organic cotton lion in yellow colored with all-natural dyes. The same cute lion face is also part of an entire jungle-themed bowling set and finger puppets made with 100% organic cotton and all-natural dyes as well.

Brooklyn-based Miyim is this amazing company that creates safe and chemical free eco-friendly baby products including the Jane Goodall Wild Animal Collection. The charming gorilla, lion, and elephant are made from natural cotton, recycled fiber filling and colored with low-impact dyes. A part of the proceeds from each purchase goes towards the Jane Goodall Institute to support the famous primatologist’s humanitarian vision. I also like the Story Book Plush Collection that includes hippo Andrew, monkey Fred, bunny Victoria, and elephant Ellie. They are a very friendly looking group of animals made of certified organic cotton and filled with recycled fiber. Somehow I found it very soothing that some of the soft organic plush toys have their eyes closed. All Miyim products use low-impact dyes that use less water and produce fewer waste as well as contamination during the production process. The company’s commitment to protect humans and the environment also shows in their exploration of new plant-based materials. Its latest product introduction for 2013 is a Dino Eco Teether that will be 100% toxin free and made from corn. As you can see it’s never too early to raise a treehugger.