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Rethink And Redesign Your Tap Water

Have you ever watched the videos from the Story of Stuff Project? Like the Story of Cosmetics or the Story of Bottled Water? If not I can highly recommend them. They are quite an eye-opener to the lifecycle of everyday items and illustrate our role within excessive consumerism. The cute yet clear animations narrated by filmmaker Anne Leonard will encourage you to pay closer attention to your shopping habits and their effect on the environment. One of those things that none of us needs to buy unless you live in an area that doesn’t have clean tap water is bottled water. Every year I start with the resolution to not only drink more water but also carry a reusable bottle. Yet I don’t always stick to it since I haven’t really found an enjoyable drinking experience.

As a design fanatic I love to discover a new point of view on an old problem like Retap’s water bottle design. In the past I’ve used reusable water bottles made out of aluminum or stainless steel with BPA-free caps. Even that they are great alternatives to plastic bottles I would prefer to drink out of a glass bottle since the water tastes less metallic to me. Instead the Retap bottle is made from borosilicate glass (20% recycled) that’s frequently used in laboratories for test tubes or beakers. It’s stronger and more durable than traditional glass. The actual bottle design has no edges around the neck. This makes it easier to clean with fewer areas for bacteria to hide.

The Retap bottle is made in Scandinavia and sold in Europe. With a design that’s reminiscent of the traditional water carafe it’s easy to keep as a decorative element on your home or work desk. It comes in three different sizes with a lifetime guarantee. If one of the bottles should break you can send the broken pieces to Retap and they will replace it. Most importantly you’ll keep plastic bottles out of waste streams by refilling and reusing the eco-friendly bottles with tap water. It’s amazing what positive impact you can have by rethinking your daily habits.