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Rose Essential Oil: “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”

It’s February, and florists are busy at work preparing buckets of roses to send on Valentine’s Day. No matter where you were raised, or which culture you connect with, roses unite us all. A constant throughout the centuries and across ethnicities, roses have come to symbolize our expression of love.

Can we even count the hundreds of ways we use the rose as a metaphor? From the early fragrance merchants of the Middle Ages who battled extraordinary challenges to find the most exquisite blooms, to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Stephen Sondheim’s hit musical Gypsy, roses have embedded themselves into our collective unconscious and grown into our common daily vernacular: There can be no mistake that, while wafting alongside their intoxicating and precious aromatic notes, roses have inspired our hearts to feel great joy, beauty, sweetness and profound love.

Cultivating roses has become an art form, laboriously pursued and studied. Over generations, masters have emerged producing blooms nearing perfection, and whole gardens have been dedicated and protected.

How can one simple and beautiful flower have had such a transforming effect on our bodies, minds and spirits?

Anyone who has experienced walking through a rose garden in full bloom can attest to the feeling of being gently enveloped by the flowers’ multi-layered depth, warmth, and honeyed cloud of aromas. The rich-colored beauty of the vibrant, velvet petals amaze and delight us, and we are enrapt. Roses captivate our spirits and emotions, and have the power to soothe even the most troubled mind.

There are over 100 varieties of rose, originating mostly from Europe and China. There are many hybrids and cultivars, and today Bulgaria farms most of the world’s demand for the flower and its precious oil.

Rose essential oil is steam distilled from the crushed petals, which don’t actually contain that much essential oil—so it requires thousands of pounds of petals to yield only one pound of oil. The petals are most fragrant right before sunrise, so that is when they are picked, by hand, before distillation. It has been said that it takes 60 roses to produce just one single drop of Rose essential oil. Traditionally, roses are distilled in copper vessels with a carefully calibrated heat source, as any fluctuation in the intensity of steam can affect the clarity and purity of the essential oil.

The healing properties of Rose essential oil (Rosa damascena)

Emotional/ Psychological and Spiritual Rose essential oil has a very strong and powerful energetic vibration, making it an effective choice when looking to support and balance emotional and spiritual crises. Its warm and effusive sweetness can comfort the depths of grief and pull together our Heart Energy to stay strong and centered. Anxiety, panic attacks and overall nervousness can benefit well from incorporating its aroma into simple daily rituals and activities.

Skin Care Rose essential oil can do wonders for aging, dull and lifeless pallor. Its stimulating chemical constituents can promote cell regeneration and circulation, and disperse stagnancy to improve glow and shine. Rose essential oil is often found in facial serums and anti-aging creams and lotions, as it has a known effect on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, penetrating the deeper areas of our epidermis, and inspiring energy flow and balance.

Rose oil is incredibly expensive, so many times what we find on counter shelves is sadly altered or adulterated. Researching and connecting with smaller farms and distilleries can mostly likely provide you with a more authentic specimen.

Eager to find an authentic and genuine bottle? Send me an email and I will point you in the right direction.


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