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Safe Travels With Reusable Luggage Tags

We’re all familiar with the 3R’s of reduce, reuse, and recycle. All three actions help to save money, energy and natural resources. But what about the amount of time we spend on trying to find things that we lost like travel bags? And what toll does it take on the environment to replace lost items with new ones instead of trying to get them back? Quite frankly I simply hate to loose things for sentimental reasons anyway. That’s where the colorful and stylish luggage tags by RuMe come in handy. The RuMeID luggage tags are made of recycled aluminum and come with a customized QR code and URL that lets finders of lost luggage get in touch with you. So how does it work? Once you purchased a stylish luggage tag you can register it by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or log in with the unique URL printed below it. Next you need to register so that you can be contacted when your lost item has been found. If the finder is smart phone savvy they can simply scan the QR code to contact you or again use the URL instead. What I really like about the process is that as the owner you can update the contact information from anywhere in the world. After all you might prefer to be contacted in Paris instead of home if you lost your luggage on a flight to France.

The other advantage of reusable luggage tags is that they replace the paper tags that you can get at the ticket counter and therefore eliminate paper out of our waste streams. Made from recycled aluminum they are very durable with bright and cheerful designs. This way you won’t end up at the baggage claim trying to distinguish your black suitcase from other look-alikes. A few years back I had actually lost my computer bag in a New York taxi with no attached identification. RuMe’s ID tags are so stylish and fun that they are great for every day bags as well. To end this post on a positive note the cab driver actually hand delivered my lost computer back to my home the next day and I’m still happily using it. No money charged. Those are the days that I love living in NYC.