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Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

Calling all weekend warriors: Lower your golf score, prevent shoulder and back injuries, and also learn how to swing and chip with more stability and power. How? By adding a simple warm-up before you

Five Easy Exercises for the Office and Five for On the Go from Canyon Ranch Spa

Feeling stiff at your desk? Unsure how to incorporate your exercise routine while on the go? Exercise physiologist Steve Gratkins M.S., from award-winning health resort and luxury spa, Canyon Ranch, caught up with Organic Spa Magazine to share his

Exercise and the Art of Self-control

For me, knowing that regular exercise mediates daily stress and helps me steal one hour per day all for myself is enough to get me to the gym 4 to 5 days a week.

Boost Longevity with Leaner Food, More Exercise

Do we really require, as a people, to be told still to avoid sugary desserts and couch-potato behavior? New research from Sweden sheds new light on the consequences of unhealthy habits during a span of

Stand-up Paddle Boarding is Great Exercise

This newish water sport of stand-up paddle boarding (or SUP)  is an emerging sport with its roots in Hawaii, pioneered in the Islands by Hawaii’s premiere watermen. An ancient pastime, the board sport has recently