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Urban Summer Detox at Ona Spa

The basics of any fast include more green liquids and exercise, and much less processed or fast foods. Veto the caffeine and gin, and stick to raw or vegan eats for a few days. In

Detox from Sugar in 3 Weeks

Sugar is the new controlled substance, it seems, and the average American consumes up to 31 whopping pounds per year, according to The Sugar Detox (Da Capo Press 2013) written by Brooke Alpert, MS, RD,

A Savory Tart for Mother’s Day

Hectic schedules, more work and minimal play… then, school’s nearly out for summer. How do you maintain balance with so much going on all season long? Try to exercise every day (I work out

Banish Late Afternoon Energy Slumps

You know how it feels to tucker out: Close to the end of the workday and your  morning energy has dwindled to a little sad flicker. Can you even muster the energy to get

Warming Up, Cooling Down to Boost Your Golf Game

Calling golfers and weekend warriors: Lower your golf score, prevent shoulder and back injuries, and learn how swing and chip with more stability and power. How? By adding a simple warm-up before you play