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5 Natural Ways to Relax and Get to Sleep

We’ve all had sleepless nights when we toss and turn and cannot stop obsessing about a stressful situation. The next day, we’re so tired it’s more difficult to deal. (And you look puffy too.) Now

New Walking Research: Ramp up Your Energy

New research shows that walking continues to be a healthy and hyper-affordable form of fitness for those with an average fitness level. It can help lower blood pressure, manage your weight, improve your mood,

Stay Flexible With Biodegradable Travel Yoga Mats

Every New Year I start out with a regular yoga routine that then gets thrown out of balance due to travel or unpredictable work schedules. That’s why it’s so great that the eKO SuperLite

Hollywood Day Spa Offers Holiday Detox Package

When I walk into Firm Body Evolution (FBE) off Santa Monica Boulevard it doesn’t look like any gym I’ve been to lately, but I am interested in their “Fitness & Detox” monthly membership where

Track Your Body Clock to Lose Weight, Boost Stamina

How can you wake up without an alarm clock? Why does your tummy start grumbling a few minutes past your regular lunch hour? That is your ingrained body clock, and researchers now believe these