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Three New Ways to Bust an Exercise Rut

If you can type in your favorite program on the elliptical machine without looking up from Dr. Phil, and you can jog laps around the track with your eyes closed, you have also stopped

Exercise Leads to a Stronger Immune System and Clearer Skin

More than a third of Americans are officially classified as obese, and everyone from first lady Michelle Obama to TV news anchor Katie Couric is advocating exercise to maintain a healthy weight. We talked

New Fitness Survey Finds Americans Most Likely to Exercise for Charity

In the recent Harris interactive health and fitness survey of over 2,000 self-described “active Americans,” most participants in a recent Harris Poll revealed the biggest factor influencing their potential participation in an endurance event

Gardening Exercises to Tighten and Tone

Zap a few flab-prone zones while you rake leaves, re-plot your garden or perform yard work in the tightest of spaces. Certified personal trainer Jolie Glassman, owner of South Florida Boxing, says, “Certain leisure-time

3 Effective At-Home Exercise DVDs

Learn to stretch, balance and target flab around your middle with a debut batch of buff-body routines to do at home. Shiva Rea’s Core Yoga $16.99; 90 minutes Seven mix-and-match yoga routines are led by one