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10 Myths About Meditation

Intrigued by meditation, but just not sure how to fit it into your schedule? Interested in the benefits, but not sure where to start? It’s simpler than you think.

Tai Chi for Flexibility

I used to avoid the power of kickboxing and boxing because it hurt my aching hips too much. It felt too masculine and tough-feeling on my body. No style of martial arts truly inspired my rhythmic flow

Boost Vitamin D and Tone Up with These Moves

My paddle-boarding sister-in-law, Jamie, shocked me when she confirmed she’s vitamin D-deficient. Jamie, 42, got a quick blood test at her doctor’s office due to spiraling hormonal issues and PMS-like mood swings. “I was so

Five Basic Breathing Techniques to Calm Your Mind

As summer starts to unwind, don’t let your relaxed state of mind unwind with it. Kids returning to school and the relentless retail rush to the holidays can leave you stressed and removed from a

10 Eco-Friendly Tips for Back to School

School bells will be ringing again shortly. And while you’re preparing for the upcoming year—buying new clothes and supplies—it’s important to keep green practices in mind. Eric Novak, executive editor of Enviro Dad, shared with Organic Spa