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Fight Breast Cancer with Power Walking

Although National Breast Cancer Month is officially over, breast cancer affects about 12 percent women in the U.S., and a sedentary lifestyle is one of the top risk factors for this disease. According to

Be Breast Cancer Aware All Year Round

It’s that season again where we’re awash with little, and big, pink ribbons everywhere.  But more importantly than showing your support with a ribbon (which I am not knocking at all), it’s time to

Study: America’s Largest Metro Areas Get Their Annual Physical

Minneapolis, St. Paul, tops the “2013 American Fitness Index” for the third straight year as one of the healthiest, fittest and community-active places to live in all of America. This is an interesting and

Healthy Families Head Back to School and Work

The first cool breezes hit Los Angeles, Calif. after a perennial 100-degree summer, and it inspires my family and friends to get healthier and fitter, and to take advantage of the change of seasons.

Make Your Lunchtime Quick and Healthy

Do you always hop to the same sandwich shop for a la boring turkey sandwich, or the same-old same-old salad when you are in the midst of another food rut? Same cereal, two pieces