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Seven OSM Resolutions We Promise to Help Make Stick

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It’s just about now that we start losing our resolve to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. Instead of letting those good intentions slide, we want to help you stick to the ones that involve eating healthy, exercising more, being more mindful and making choices that better the environment. Here are seven resolutions we’re committed to help you stick to through 2014 and beyond.

1. Eat more organic foods We know foods grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides and herbicides, as well as livestock raised without hormones or antibiotics, are better for the environment and us.

2. Develop a mind/body practice Studies show that practicing yoga and/or mediation improves your body and your brain.

3. Exercise more regularly/frequently From boosting your mood and improving your sex life to prolonging your life and preventing disease, the benefits of exercise are numerous.

4. Travel to more eco-friendly destinations We all want to reduce our carbon footprint, and a great place to start is to stay at resorts that adopt eco-friendly practices.

5. Use more all-natural and organic beauty products Because most traditional skincare and beauty products use hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of chemicals—many that are absorbed through your skin—natural and organic products spare the user exposure to these chemicals, making them healthier and often more effective.

6. Wear more eco-friendly clothing and accessories There are some great eco-friendly designers out there, making stylish clothing and trendy accessories using fabrics and materials dyes that promote sustainability.

7. Make more eco-friendly furniture and design choices As long as you’re avoiding chemicals and toxins, and promoting sustainability in your food, travel and beauty choices, you might as well extend that to your home and the furniture inside.

How are we going to help you stick to this worthy list of resolutions? Every week we’ll focus on one resolution and offer expert advice, resources and articles that will motivate you to stay the course.

What were your green and healthy New Year’s resolutions?

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