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Slow Beauty For A Fast World, Part 1

The gig is up.  We are revolting against the anti-aging rhetoric, in droves.  Communities of outspoken holistic-minded citizens have found the outlets for their voice and are joining the conversation to make change, big change.  The implications positively impact our mind, body, and spirit in such a profound way that a new zeitgeist is being defined.  A split is occurring.  In this present moment what is the past and what is the future is becoming more and more apparent.

The world needs us, the activists, and our social-awareness causes. Through the knowledge that we share: healing modalities, meditation techniques, yoga postures, whole food nutrition, rituals, traditions, self-expression and holistic thought processes, we are poised to rule out the tyrannical mentality that has infiltrated our psyche and caused us to oppress our health and wellness for far too long.

Finally we are in dialogue about a new approach to beauty: one that is holistic and includes health, wellness and spirituality. For the past 150 years, we have participated in a relationship with beauty that is tyrannical and product-centric.  We’ve engaged in a war against ourselves. We’ve accepted the concept of “anti-aging.”  We now reject this notion and shift our focus to a celebration: of our highest self. In this spirit we elevate our experience of beauty beyond time constraints and imposed social pressures.  Let’s explore the possibility that chronological aging is an outdated concept, a relic of the past. To make this shift we require a new language, new resources and new experiences.

This is Slow Beauty.  The way there means turning your back to the frenzy of post-modern life. Our addiction to speed is unsustainable. When we shift our mindset from the façade of quick fixes, invasive surgeries, and the illusion of perfectionism, we have the freedom to discover joy, spontaneity, depth and vitality.  The territory of Slow Beauty includes Seven Outposts: Spa Tradition, Rituals, Renewal, Nourished Mind, Self-Expression, Meditation, and Mindful Consumption. Each one offers opportunities to make lifestyle choices that help us to be in our hour, instead of being of an age.

Practice Slow Beauty: where time slows, where we cultivate inner calm, and from where we exude our authentic presence as an alternative to the commodification of beauty. For more information on or Shel Pink visit