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Soy Wax Candles Inspired by the Sea

As a Manhattanite I cherish my summer getaways to Long Island or the Jersey shore. One way to extend my weekends is through the ocean-inspired soy wax candles by Linnea’s Lights. I discovered them at ABC Home & Planet which is one of my favorite destinations for contemporary eco-design in NYC. The natural soy wax candles are hand-poured in small batches and have lead-free cotton candlewicks. They come in Linnea’s Lights summer scents such as Ocean, White Coral, or Sea Salt. The ocean-scented candle is a blend of calming citrus & breezy sea air combined with lush green florals and sea moss. All natural soy wax candles come in two sizes: the 60 hours candle with a double wick and the 15 hours mini votive. Every candle is triple scented so that the fragrance keeps throughout the entire burn.

For the last few years I’ve been using soy-wax candles since they have many environmental benefits over traditional paraffin candles. They are non-toxic and don’t leave the black soot in your home like petroleum based ones. Instead they burn cleaner and are made of the renewable resource soybeans. And not only is soy wax biodegradable since it’s basically made of vegetables but you’re also supporting American farmers that grow them. Who would have thought that one little candle could have an impact on so many things in your home, ecosystem and the US economy? It’s empowering to know that every little purchase you make can benefit your health and the environment. The entire process at Linnea’s Lights is done by hand ranging from blending, pouring, wrapping, stamping to shipping and designed locally in Indiana. Every natural soy wax candle is packaged in recycled materials, printed with soy and water based inks and hand stamped. I love how beautiful the packaging looks with its calligraphic looking design elements. The ocean-inspired candles make a thoughtful gift for beach cottage owners or people like myself that would like to live near the sea.



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