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Spring Cleaning: Your Cabinets and You!

Every year around this time, I turn to green juices each morning, weekly power yoga to clear my skin toxins, and I completely cut out alcohol and simple sugars. I maintain my spring diet, eating, hydrating and exercising for as long as I can. My liver and kidneys get a break because they don’t have to break down high-fat animal proteins, and I drink more green tea and water. My cells plump and flourish, and my complexion clears up too!

Detox is ragingly popular today because it’s one of the most widely accepted theories in alternative medicine. Detoxification (via exercise, diet and lifestyle choices) is useful for anyone suffering from allergies or immune system problems that conventional medicine is unable to diagnose or treat, including chronic fatigue syndrome, bloating, sudden weight gain, lowered infection resistance and joint pain.

To cleanse the body of pollutants and other modern-day free radicals, detox experts recommend frequently consuming the following to cleanse your organs:

• Cabbage and kale
• Spinach and bitter greens
• Watermelon and other melon
• Acai berries and other super berries
• Mint and other herbs
• Flaxseed oil and other healthy fatty acids

Now turn your best detoxing practices to your home’s medicine cabinets (another mandatory cleanup):

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that over 80 percent of all illnesses have environmental and lifestyle causes, which could be helped by purifying your blood, skin and other organs. And it helps to minimize your contact with household allergens like mold and pet dander.

Our suggestions for more natural, well-rounded medicine cabinets:

• Stock portable ice packs for strains and sprains
• Homeopathic tinctures for cold and flu
• Bandage and Epsom salts
• Neti Pot, filtered water and essential oils
• Emergen-C or natural vitamin packets
• Sea salt and witch hazel
• Echinacea and zinc, plus any herbal remedies you prefer
• Topical Vitamin D
• Sleep herbs and other healing remedies

What will you do to clear your mind and your complexion this season? Out with the old, as they say…

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