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Spring Detox for Your Mind

‘Tis the season for renewal and rejuvenation. It is finally spring time. Although the weather may not be proof positive, that does not mean it isn’t a good idea to begin cleansing for the season. As you start to clean your home and detoxify your body, don’t forget one of the most essential parts for clearing: your mind!

Practicing daily meditation is a great way to rid the mind of negative thoughts and worries. It’s similar to detoxing, and just as important for spring rejuvenation. We don’t always incorporate this practice onto our spring cleaning list. But thanks to companies like Westin Hotels, that vital step to renewal won’t be forgotten.

Westin just launched a “Feel Well” campaign, part of their year-long initiative called the Westin Well-being Movement “At Westin, our mission is to be a partner in our guest’s well-being before, during and after their stay and this is the motivation behind this movement,” said Brian Povinelli, Global Brand Leader for Westin Hotels.

The complete campaign consists of six pillars: “Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well.”

For the first initiative, Feel Well, Westin teamed up with leading modern living meditation organization, Headspace. Andy Puddicombe, Headspace co-founder and meditation expert, will be the force behind it. “We are very excited to be the official launch partner for Westin’s Well-being Movement,” said Puddicombe. “The health benefits of practicing mindfulness are widely recognized.”

As part of the launch, Puddicombe led a mass mindfulness moment in New York City’s Flatiron District last week. Westin and Headspace encouraged those throughout the city to “Tweet It If You Need It”—or simply tweet @Westin if they were in need of a meditation session.

It only takes 10 minutes, and depending on your own style, may only require that. Sure, you can cross your legs and incorporate different mantras. But in the end, it’s simply closing your eyes and practicing to clear your conscious, while letting go of negative thoughts and welcoming clarity.

So while you’re mindful of the greens you’re ingesting for body detox, be mindful of your mind, and take the ten minutes to clear your thoughts, making way for a happier, healthier and spring-like you!

Photography by John Minchillo/AP Images for Westin Hotels & Resorts

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